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5/26/13 How To Resist Sin and It’s Destruction 
One thing I love about the Bible is that it tells it like it is.
     -It’s not some fairy tale that describes all things fluffy. 
     -It doesn’t hide the good, the bad, and the ugly.
     -The passage we are looking at today is on the side of hideous.
     -But as we read it, we want to make sure we don’t get so caught up in the story
              that we miss what this passage is meant to bring us.
     -We look at David through this passage because we get a glimpse of the
ugliness of his heart.
-I’m sure glad that my life isn’t written down in the Scripture for all to
              read about for all of history.
 -I want us to be careful as we read this passage that we don’t resort to
 finger pointing and miss the hope that from the perfect one from David’s
 line who came to pay for my sin - the true King - Jesus Christ.
READ II Samuel 11:1-27
As we open this passage, we recognize the saddness of the sin of God’s people.
-David has been a shinning example of Godliness, almost to the point where if we
were living around him, we might think, he is the Savior.
-This passage brings him down to our level - he’s much like we are.
-We also can not miss the destruction that sin causes.
          -The consequences of sin have dire ramifications on our lives
and those around us.
-David’s life will never be the same - it’s on a downhill slide.
X Idol Time
     -Lots of people make a big deal over David staying home.
-But he does that in chapter 10 as well and there are many times that
David was home.
     -Chapter 5 has David at home hauling the Ark to Jerusalem.
     -Chapter 7 has David, at home, wanting to build a house for the Ark.
          -Chapter 9 shows David at home looking to show grace to someone.
     -Chapter 10 has him looking to show God’s grace to a foreign king,
which unfortunately is mis-interpreted and turns into war.
          -The problem wasn’t that he stayed home,
it’s what he did when he stayed home.
          -Idol time is given by God to rest and recharge our batteries.
                   -We usually consider our liesure time as “our” time.
                             -That we can do as we please in it.
                   -But that is wrong thinking - our idol time is no different than our
time of work or school.
-It has to be managed or governed our desire to please God.
                             -We never “time out” of that goal.
                    -When we loose sight of that goal, it doesn’t matter what time it is,
                             we will fall into sin.
X The Heart Problem - Lust
     -David’s heart problem was lust of the flesh.
          -And this isn’t the first time this comes up.
          -He has taken more than one wife and has many concubines.
          -Just because “it’s in the Bible” doesn’t make it right.
                   -God has never changed his plan for a marriage as being
                             one man and one woman for life.
          -But David has tossed off what God’s best plan is
and has settled for something very inferior to substitute it.
                   -This passage today is just the beginning of the problems that David’s sin
                             will cause in his family.
                   -David’s life has been building toward this point where his fruit
of his sin is beginning to ripen . . . and it’s just the beginning.
                   Gal 6 is true - “God cannot be mocked, a man reaps what he sows.”
          -We might wonder why David would be out on the roof looking around for
another wife when he had a bunch already.
-Couldn’t they satisfy him?
                   -And the answer is no! 
-Lust is never satisfied. . . . it always wants something more.
          --And don’t think that just because your lust isn’t sexual,
that you don’t have this problem.
                   -It can be lust for material things, lust for money, lust to be accepted,
                             lust to be loved, and lust for a million other things.
                    -Lust is always looking for more and then it forms habits that
                             deliver what it wants.
                    -You may struggle with food, laziness, pride, fear, overworking,
acceptance, or a thousand other things that you have formed
habits to bring you what you want.
                   -If I can use the termonology of the day - we are all addicts.
                        -It may not be drugs or alcohol, but we all are addicted to something.
          -The heart of all of those and every other sin reveals that a much larger
 problem exists, it’s a problem of what we worship.
-Not that David is a heathen unbeliever, he is still a man after God’s own
 heart, but at this point in time, he is worshiping something
or somebody other than God.
                   -We know it’s a worship problem with David because of his willingness
to sin to satisfy his heart idol.
                             -He should have known his own heart well enough to know that                                          he needed to be hanging out with his wives rather than
looking over his neighbor’s fence.
                             -He should have listened to the advice of his servants,
who tried to reason with him.
-He should have thought ahead to how this might affect
Bathsheba and Uriah.
-He should have been humbled by Uriah’s loyalty to the king.
                             -He should have thought ahead to how Joab might use
this in the future against him.
                             -He should have thought about what he was teaching his sons.
                             -He should have thought of the logic of covering over adultery
with murder?
                             -He should have thought about how he was pleasing the Lord.
          -But it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and think of all the things that David
should have thought about.
-And before you begin to think all high and mighty about yourself.
          -You and I are addicts too.
           -We all have the same heart problem of lusting after something other than God.
                    -When was the last time you gave into that favorite desert?
                   -When was the last time you blamed your anger on the other person?
                   -When was the last time you lowered your standards to be accepted by
                             the cool crowd at school?
                   -When was the last time you lied about pornography?
                   -When was the last time you hid the cost of that new dress?
          -Although some of these are more destructive than others,
it’s all the same addictive heart.
          -Addicts protect their heart idols by lying, blaming others,
and justifying their sin. 
          -Now, I went this route today because I want to make sure we all understand
                   where we all have the same heart problem.
                   -It may vary in the particulars, but it’s the same root.
- Worship of something other than God.
X Understanding the Heart Problem
          -We might wonder how David could go over the cliff so quickly.
          -And the answer is simple - he ran over it.
                   -This is something that David has struggled with over time.
                   -Maybe he thought having many wives would take care of it.
                   -Maybe he thought doing good things for God would lessen it’s draw.
                   -Maybe he thought he could fix it on his own.
          -But James 1 has come to full fruit.
but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.  Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”
          -David has worked his way through desire . . . giving birth to sin . . . and that
has now ended in the destruction of many around him.
                   -There have been many who thought that getting married would take
care of their pornography problem.
                    -There have been many who burried themselves in work
to crowd out desire.
                   -But they have not been able to fix it with these alone.
                   -Lust always wants more.
          -Until that desire is taken to the Cross and nailed there and then replaced with
the desire for God, that heart idol will always drive us back
to fulfill that desire to the destruction of all.
          Gal 5:16-17
So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.   For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want.”
-That speaks of the conflict we all battle in our hearts.
                   -We have desires that conflict with what God wants.
                   -There is this agenda collision between pleasing God and pleasing self.
          -And somehow in the middle of that conflict, the fear of God somehow vanishes.
                   -We just forget that He exists and we go off course.
                   -That’s just what drug addicts do.
                             -They know it’s wrong . . . they know it will eventually kill them . . .
                                      they know God will not be pleased . . . but at the time He
 vanishes from their thinking.
                   -And as addicts, that happens to all of us as well.
                   X -When I get angry with my wife, I know it’s wrong . . . I know it will
      kill the relationship . . . I know God is not pleased, but I
       loose track of the fear of God and start yelling / cold shoulder.
                   X -When my child is late,
I loose track of God’s sovereign love and worry sets in.
                             -When the dessert is passed, I’ve already decided which cookie
I’m taking. . . . the big one!
                                      -I know that attitude is wrong, I know it’s not healthy,
I know God is not pleased, but I’m taking that big one,
and I’m disappointed when you get it first.
                   X -We are all addicts at heart.
-We are all in desperate need of changing our worship of self
into worship of God.
So, how do we replace temptation and sin into true worship of God
and next week we will look at what to do when we fall.     
X Facing Temptation?
          -There are tremendous opportunities to develop a heart for God as we battle
the desires of our hearts.
          James 4:7 says
          “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
          -Here are some practical ways to resist the devil that we draw from David.
          X Pleasing God
   -The last words in this chapter are biting.
          “the thing David had done displeased the Lord.”
 -Out of all the things that can motivate us in this life . . .
. . . pleasing God should be first on the list.
-But it doesn’t come automatically.
-It comes as our love for God grows.
-But even a mature faith has to continue to seek to please God.
-Our natural motivation is to please self.
                    -We don’t have to think about that,
but pleasing God takes practice.
          -We have to do the hard work of studying God’s Word to find out
                   what pleases Him.
          -Then we have to put off our desires and put on
what is pleasing to God.
-When we know Jesus as our Savior and have been adopted by the
     Father, there is nothing that makes us more happy than pleasing Him.
Ed Welch wrote a book that we should all read.
                   -It is centered on Alcohol, but it aims at the heart
and so it applies to all of us.
                   Addictions: A Benquet to the Grave . . . Finding Hope
in the Power of the Gospel.
          -We might think the gospel is too simple a solution to the
“deep and complex” problems of addiction.
-But when we see that our problems are really mis-directed worship,
then the gospel becomes the only solution that can work.
          X Accountability
-Accountability comes out of a heart that wants to please the Lord.
-Not that accountability pleases him so much, but when we know the
       desires of our heart and our propensity to sin, we know we need help.
-Sometimes it comes as we fall enough times that we don’t want to
continue doing it, so we ask a close friend to hold us accountable.
-David’s servant comes back and warns him that this is a married woman.
-If he was an accountability person, who really desired to serve him
-He would have ushered David off the roof.
-He would have talked to him about the sin of adultery.
-He would have talked to him about the furture
and how this would mess up his family.
-He would have talked to him about how this might mess up
          this other family.
-He would have talked to him about pleasing the Lord.
-He would have pinned him down and locked him in the basement.
-He would have tossed him in a cold shower.
-He would have shown him pictures of his wives and said
          “these are the ones God has given you”
-He would have done whatever was necessary to keep David
from his sinful desires.
              -I’m so thankful for my A-P, Lee, he would never let me get away with that.
          X   Build Good Fences
                   -David went up on his roof where he could see over the wall.
-He needed a taller fence or needed to seal off his roof.
-With some of my sin, posting a Bible verse over the kitchen sink
is enough to remind me.
                   -With other sins, I need blinders . . .
and others I need an un-scaleable wall.
                   -Nobody knows the kinds of walls you need, but you.
                             -But here is what I have witnessed in my own life and in others
that I have helped.
                             -We underestimate the power of the temptation and
 overestimate our ability to resist it, we typically build fences
that are too small and easily pushed over.
                             -Let me say this, it’s way less humiliating telling you neighbor why
 you are building a fence than it is to be humiliated by
your actions of sin.
X Develop a long term view of life and decisions.
                   -A regular habit of see the long term results of the present decisions
can be invaluable in helping us excersise self control.
-How do you develop that?
-Read the paper and try to figure out how things will work out,
or make some guesses as to what decisions that person made
to get to where they are today.
                   -You will see that you struggle with some of those same decisions and
                              you will want to reverse them so you don’t continue in the same rut.
                   -Spend a lot of time in Proverbs.
                   -David would have benefited from Prov. 6:27
“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?”
          X When tempted - go worship
                   -There have been other times where David went and worshiped God
 in the midst of temptation.
                   -The action of active worship in the face of temptation
brings tremendous strength and power to resist temptation.
Music, read, go outside and raise your hands and cry out to God.
                   -Read this passage to remind yourself of the destructive nature of sin.
                    -Read Psalm 32:3-4, 51:3-4, and Psalm 30.
                   -You can not worship God and sin at the same time.
                             -They are mutually exclusive.
          There are many other ways of resisting temptation that we could talk about,
but the bottom line is this:
                   -Which will you apply today?
                   -Listening to my message will not keep you from sin.
                   -It will only help you if you take something and do it.
          What will you apply today?

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