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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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 What Is Your Savior? - Colossians 2:6-15

When a ship sinks, people grab whatever they can find to help keep them afloat.

          -But even if they get a life-preserver – they are still in need of being saved.

Life is like that.

          -Many grasp onto religious practice, good morals, education, career,

physical beauty, family, or science to save them.

          -But just like being lost at sea, they are just grasping a life preserver,

which was never intended to be a Savior.

          -They are still in desperate need of a real Savior.

   -Now, we can extend this metaphor a bit more.

          -Let’s assume that a boat came along and pulled them from the sea

and brought them to safety.

          -But they continue to carry that life preserver around with them.

          -Not as a memory of how it helped them to stay afloat, but because it

makes them feel a safer.
-We would call that foolish.
-The life preserver won’t make them safer – they are already saved.

I think that many in the church are like that. 

          -Having been saved through faith in Jesus, we want to hold onto

something that might make us feel more saved.

          -It might be some religious practice, a feeling based experience,

or a legalistic following of God’s Word, like Jesus wasn’t enough.

Today, we will look at how Paul addresses this question in the book of Colossians.

          I invite you to join me in Colossians 2 this morning.


Paul begins with a “so then” or “therefore”, so allow me to review.

          - Life is Gospel Ministry because (say it with me)

 “Christ in you, the hope of glory”

          Our goal for all our relationships is to “present everyone as perfect”

          -Because of who Jesus is – Creator, sustainer, Savior, He is able to save us

from our sin completely.

          -And through faith in Jesus, all our sin is forgiven.

       -Because of all that . . .
READ Colossians 2:6-15
X  Live In Him v. 6-7

       -How can we continue to live in sin as if nothing changed in our lives.

                    “behold, all things are new”.
          -It doesn’t say – you received Jesus as “Savior”, but as “Lord”.

          -Jesus is the King, so we live under His loving rule.

          -How do we live in Him? – Paul gives us four characteristics of what it means

to live in Christ.
X Rooted in Him.

     -Being rooted is a past action that comes as a result of our faith in Jesus.

-And we continue to be rooted in Him.

-Being rooted brings us nourishment from His living Word.

-Being rooted in Christ prevents a blow down

when the storms come.
          X Built up in Him

                   -This is an ongoing work of God in our lives.

                   -He is building us on a firm foundation that is rock solid

and will stand in the storms.

          X  Strengthened in the faith as you were taught

              -One of the reasons we gather for worship, C-4, Mom to Mom, Bible study,

                          DH, or look for help in counseling, is to be strengthened in the faith.

                   -There is active discipleship that strengthens our faith as we open

 ourselves to the teaching of God’s transformative Word.

                   -And a strengthened faith helps us as we help one another grapple with

 life’s challenges and how to walk by faith through them.

Overflowing with thankfulness

                   -I have a plant at home that has brown leaves that are falling off.

                             -I look at that plant and wonder what is wrong?

                                      -Does it need water, too much water, sun, dirt.

-And it’s the same with believers.

-Thanksgiving is like a host of vibrant – green leaves that reveal

spiritual health.

-It doesn’t always mean that life is wonderful or easy – life could be hard,

but underneath it, they understand their depth of the gift of God’s

 salvation and they understand how God is continuing to work in

 their lives through that difficulty.

-That attitude of thanksgiving flows out of a faith that is rooted and

built up in Christ, and has become strong.


X  Warning Against Competing Ideas v. 8

          -The term “captive” literally means to be kidnapped.

          -II Tim. 3:6 uses the same term to describe those who

“worm their way into homes and gain control or take captive weak-willed

women who are loaded down with sins . . .” 

          -The effects are devastating and destructive.

          -Each age and culture has ideas that are set up against the truth of the

 Gospel and as followers of Christ, we are called to refute these

 philosophies in the light of Biblical truth.

          -Without giving us specifics of the philosophies, he gives us three general

 principles that will help us recognize them.
          X Deceptive

                   -The problem here is that you won’t know you have been duped until after

you have emptied your bank account.

                   -As a Pastor, I have had people leave the church for a cult or gone after

some false philosophy like – “God must want me to be happy”

and they leave their family for a deceptive idea

. . . and it breaks my heart.

                   -But no matter what truth I bring to bear on the false teaching, they are

convinced that they have learned some new truth and off they go.

                   -I am reading “Pilgrims Progress” and there is no end to the characters

he meets along the way that are bent to pull him off the road that

 leads to the Celestial City.

          -It is so important to our faith that we are connected to the Body, and have

deep enough relationships in that Body what we are open to coming alongside one another when we see false ideas that have deceived a brother or sister.

          -Then Paul gives three characteristics of these deceptive philosophies.

          X  The Philosophy is based on Human tradition

                   -Tradition handed on from person to person.

                   -My father gave me a “lucky rabbits foot”, told me nail the horseshoe

pointing up, and taught me to eat cabbage on New Year’s day.

                   -All of these ideas fly in the face of the fact of God’s sovereignty

and providence.

                   -How much more secure might I have been if my dad taught me to trust in

God, who is exceedingly good.

          X  The philosophy depends on the basic principles of this world

 -This could refer to the basic elements of the world (earth, water, wind, fire)

that have been turned into deity by many religious systems.

-It could be referring to the basic tenants of a particular system of teaching.

-It could refer to spiritual forces of some kind.

-But no matter which of it might be, they all have the same focus . . .

                   they are all in opposition to Christ.

-In our day, the idea that everything came into being from nothing is what

Science calls evolution.

 -That is an idea that declares that there is no God or Creator

and sets itself up against the knowledge of God.

-That is an idea that has taken many captive as Heb 11:3 helps us discern

the deception. 

“by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command

 so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”

-We are not even talking about the young earth/old earth debate,

          we are talking about a human/worldly philosophy that makes the

           claim that everything came from nothing without a Creator.

-That’s not only bad science but is like Goliath defying the armies

 of the Living God.

          -Not that is shouldn’t be done, but it can’t be done.

          -All bad Science sets itself up against the fact of God

 as Creator, sustainer, and Savior.

-But the ideas of the culture are like a candy shop that appeal to us.

-If there is no Creator, then I make the rules for myself.

-If there is no Sustainer, then it’s up to us to save the universe.

-If there is no Savior, then I decide what is good and bad and how to be

          saved, which refers to the “here and now” since Science says

there is no soul and no afterlife.

          -Many build their own faith in the “a-la-cart” line.

-They pick some Biblical truth that appeals to them and add some

worldly ideas that they like.

                   -And like many a church, have been taken captive.

          -Against the idea’s of the culture, faith is no subjective to our desires,

                   -There is a God! 

-And we are responsible to know Him in the truth of His revelation

of Himself and how to come to Him in faith.

          -Post modernism says that the reality of life comes only through the

interpretation of the individual.

          -Moral relativism says that moral judgments are relative to the individual.

-So no idea is better than another and so we have to tolerate every idea.

          -Psychology has become the Scientific experts about sin and it’s resulting guilt.

-They have eliminated the reality of sin is by calling it a social construct.

                             -So just feel better about yourself and stop feeling guilty.

          -The world has defined truth by another standard other than God’s Word,

                   and so is defined by human discovery rather than divine revelation.

          -They all undermine our faith and put us and especially our kids at high

 risk of being captivated by them.
When God wants us to be captivated by Him.

Christ is superior  v. 9-15

          If we were to test any religion – whether “Christian”  or not,  

it’s the preeminence of Jesus Christ that is the test.

          -Most have a place for Jesus as a teacher, prophet, and even a savior,

                   but only the true Church of the Living God holds Jesus to be preeminent

superior, supreme, great, excellent, distinct, prominent, important,

                             renown, and most importantly - God in the flesh.

      Jesus is superior to any other idea, philosophy, or concept. 

          X  Deity  v. 10

                    -Paul gives one of the clearest – most definitive statements of Christ’s

 deity in the Scripture.

                   -In the Greek “all” means “half”?  “Part”?  No, it means “all”!

                   -And that is emphasized by saying “the fullness of Deity” rather than

all the “characteristics” of Deity.

                   -Fullness leaves nothing out of His Deity.

                   -One result for us is that while we were in sin, incomplete and separated

      from God, in Christ we are full – made complete in His righteousness.

-As opposed to the empty and hollow philosophies that leave people looking

for fulfillment, in Christ we have purpose and real meaning in life.

                   -I will never be full by trying to expand the little kingdom of Jack.

                             -Even if I expand my kingdom to the whole world, what good is it is

 I lose my soul. 

                   -True, lasting and eternal fulfillment is only found through a faith that is

rooted and growing in Jesus Christ.

          That’s because He is . . .
          X  Head over every power. V. 10-12

                   -As head over every power, Jesus alone can save us from our sin.

                   -Salvation is found only in Jesus.

                   -We can’t forgive our own sin by doing good stuff.

                   -There is no one else who can save us.

                   -Then Paul goes on to describe what only Jesus can do through the

 examples of circumcision and baptism.

                   -Every Jewish boy was circumcised on the 8th day according to the Law.

-It was a sign of being part of God’s covenant family.

                   -The problem with circumcision was the false hope it provided in the

belief that they were saved because they were circumcised.

          -Romans 9:6 says   “they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel.”

                   -But now, we are talking about a circumcision of the heart that is done

 by Christ which makes circumcision by man unnecessary today.

                   -In baptism, we are put under the water and raised up as a symbol of

                             what has already happened spiritually.

                   -We practice “believers baptism” because it is a symbol of the believers

union with Christ through faith.

                    -It is not the practice of circumcision or baptism that saves,

it’s faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ (who is the head)

that saves us.
XA Superior Work v. 13-15

                   -Paul reminds us again of where we were in our sin.

                             “dead in sins and in the un-circumcision of your sinful nature.”

                   -Now, he doesn’t bring that up again to condemn us, but to set that past

 reality as a background to the brilliant light of Jesus.

                   -In Christ you have “been made alive with Christ”

                             -Just as sure as God raised Jesus from the grave,

you have been made alive with Him.

                   -In Christ you have been “forgiven of all your sins”.

                   -And all means “all” – past, present, and future sins have been

forgiven in Christ.

                   -You might see the Bible as a book of rules, but I see it as a book that

carries a message of exceeding joy because of this theme of
forgiveness that runs through the entire book.

                   -Don’t miss that as you read it because it is the dominant theme.

                -How does God forgive?

                   -Christ “cancelled the written code” which is more accurately translated

 in the NABS as “canceled out the certificate of dept”.

                             -It was a certificate of debt that we incurred in our sin.

                             -That debt “stood opposed to us” as our death sentence.  (wages)

                             -But Jesus took that certificate of debt and nailed it to the cross,

 with the headline:  Paid in full.

                   -Satan has been stripped of his power over our lives.

-No longer does he have the power to condemn or tempt as he once did.

-The forgiveness we have in Christ is superior to anything else because it

                             brings pardon, transformation, and victory.  


Now, in the time I have remaining, let us consider this and how it might intersect

with our lives each day.

X  The idea of Christ being superior plays out in life.

          -It is logical that if false ideas bring mostly bad results,

then superior ideas will bring mostly superior results.

-If my personal happiness is such a great idea, then why are families

falling apart?

-Our families should be loving places of refuge and strength for us as we

encourage and help each other grow, and then invite others in.

          -If pornography and sexual freedom is such a good thing that doesn’t hurt

 anyone – when why do I counsel so many couples that are broken in

its wake.

-Want a great marriage – purity and love is the road God has given us to it.

          -If evolution and “survival of the fittest” is a superior idea, then why are we a

culture with no hope and a world of war?


-At best that idea creates people seeing the world trying to

“find themselves” and at worst, committing suicide in hopelessness.

-Purpose in life and wonderful hope is found in understanding God as

 Creator, sustainer, and Savior and our place as the “servant of all”.

          How might we grow to discern the philosophies of the world?

          Pick up the news paper this week and in each article you read ask the question:

          What philosophy is being promoted?
          -Then ask: 

-What does the Bible say about how I should think and respond to

this subject?

And here are two ways we might reveal our superior Savior.

          X  Joy of the Lord

                   -When we consider where we were and what God has done for us in Christ,

                             what earthly circumstance can cancel that out?

                   -On the contrary, the forgiveness and victory we have in Christ has the

                             ability to totally overwhelm any circumstance that might come.

                   -That doesn’t mean that will be automatic or more make the circumstances

 go away, but the truth of the Gospel will give us the potential

to continue in the joy of the Lord.

          X The Power of God to transform

                   -In Christ, we have the power to put off our sin and live for Him.

                   -That is against the hollow philosophies of the world that say life is

determined by how your parents potty trained you or by your DNA.

-So, no matter what you do, it’s not your fault!

                        -That comes out of a Psychologied effort to deal with guilt and

 shame without the forgiveness of God.

                        -I’m here to let you know today by the authority of the Word of God,

that there is no comparison to the forgiveness that we have
in Christ Jesus.

                             -We are fully forgiven - His grace for our disgrace.

                   -That makes life different and gives us the power to be transformed

    into the image of the son or daughter that God us re-creating us to be.

                 -No longer are we stuck in our sin – but we are free in Christ to live for Him.

                   -Might we need help to do that?  Yes, and God has placed un in His Body

to help with that, but God provides all we need to live for Him.


  -The world watches how we live,

because how we live reflects what Savior we have.

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