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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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 Who Is Jesus? – Jesus Invites Us To Himself - John 1:1-14

I want to welcome you on a very special night.

          -It’s a night that we set aside to remember, celebrate, and worship God coming

 into the world to save us from our sins.

          -That is set in the context of this video.

          -From eternity past – through creation and humanities fall into sin.

          -We have been waiting for our Savior.
          -Come Thou Long Expected Jesus!

          -All through Advent, we have been focused on who Jesus is.

                   John 1 has given us a great study of Jesus as God, becoming human,

coming to live among us, to reveal God’s glory.

          -Everything about the Christmas celebration looks past the birth of Jesus

backwards through history and forward into eternity.

          -It’s not about a simple birth – it’s about the King coming to His people

                   and inviting us to join Him.


READ  John 1:1-14

We have dissected this passage over the past four weeks.

          -We learned that Jesus is fully God – as only God can do the things Jesus did.

          -We learned that Jesus became human – only a perfect human could pay

the price for our sin, but only God is perfect.

-So Jesus had to be both fully God and fully human.

          -Amazingly, God came to live among us – the perfect came to the imperfect.

                   -The creator became as the created and subjected himself to

the limitations of being human.

          -Jesus revealed God’s glory as the One and Only God.

                   -He didn’t just reflect glory, He was glory, although veiled by humanity.


Verse 12 is our focus tonight as Jesus invites us to Himself.

“Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.”


Now, just a fly-over view of that verse brings up some questions.

Aren’t we all children of God when we are born into this world?

          -In one way, yes, we are.

                   -Since God is the creator, as part of His creation, we are his children

as part of His physical creation.

                   We are “born into it by natural descent and human decision.”

          -But as we look at the world we live in, we realize that something is very wrong.

          -If you believe that there is a God, you know that He lives in heaven,

and we all would agree that this world is not heaven.

-There is brokenness and pain and death in the world and in our lives as well.

     -Is this broken world what God has made for us to struggle in?

          -The Bible paints a different story.

-From Genesis 3 onward, humanity has exercised its freedom and rebelled

against its Creator  God, causing separation and distance from Him.

                   -We might disagree with that because we don’t see our sin as that bad,

but it can be as simple as an act of selfishness or anger

or something much worse, like lying or hatred.

          -Because of sin, our relationship with our Creator God is broken.

-The bottom line is that we all have sin that needs to be forgiven.

          -And we need something more than just being born into this world,

and this passage, as a summary of the entire Bible,  

speaks of our need for another birth.


 “Born of God”?

          -What does it mean to be “born of God?”

          -It’s obviously not speaking of being born in the normal way because the text

speaks to this birth not being the natural birth.

          -The birth that John speaks of is a spiritual birth.

          -What becomes important for us is in how this happens.

     John says that we are born of God through the act of “receiving and believing in Jesus”

      -Do we need to receive God’s gift?

-Tomorrow morning, the kids come down the stairs and see all

the presents under the tree.
                   -And they are excited.

          -But rather than open them, they just leave then there and never open them.

          -You have given generous gifts, but they were not received.

                   -Those gifts will never be possessed by the kids.

          -Well, we all know that will never happen, the kids can’t wait to get

to opening the gifts – receiving them.

          -But how many have left God’s great gift under the tree?


          -John 3:16 uses the same idea of receiving and believing.

                   “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.”

          -God has given the full extent of His love to us, but we have to receive it by faith.

          -What does it mean to “believe in His name”?.

                   1.  Receiving is admitting our sin that separates us from Him.

                             -This one isn’t rocket science, we just look in the mirror.

                             -We can’t even keep our own rules let alone keep God’s Laws.

                             -How many of you will go on a diet after Christmas only to fall off

that diet two days later because of a

chocolate chip cookie was calling your name?

                             -So, when we talk about loving God with all our heart and loving our

 neighbor as ourselves, we know that we fail.

                   2.  Receiving is admitting our need for outside help.

                             -We see how our sin separates us from other people.

                             -Anger , lying, adultery or drug abuse separates families and friends.

                             -So it’s not hard to see that sin also separates us from God.

                             -And all of us have tried to change to be better – less selfish,

but we know that all our effort at self improvement has left us with farther to go.

                             -If you are anything like me, you have concluded that we can’t fix our

 sin problem on our own.

                             -So we look for outside help.

                             -The question is:  Where do we look?

                                      -Do we put on our boots and try harder?

                                      -Do we figure that God will grade on a curve and we will be

ahead of the other guy?

                                      -Do we hope that God will just wipe our slate clean because

we try hard.
                             -Or do we cry:  Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

                   - I pray we all recognize our need!

                   3.  Receiving and believing Him

                             -God’s Word tells us we need to believe in “His name”

                             -His names are many and we won’t have time to explore them all.

 “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace”

                   “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”

                   “The Living Word of God”
                   “Emmanuel – God with us”
“Savior – Messiah”

                             -Our belief in these doesn’t make them true or not, they are true

 because they match the reality of who Jesus is.

                             -The Gospel states that Jesus came to save sinners.

                             -I pray that we all agree that we are sinners in need.

-The Jesus coming part is what we celebrate at Christmas.

-But it’s tied to Easter when Jesus died and rose again.

-That was the gift of the God becoming man, dying in our place to pay

for our sin, and rising again in victory over sin

and it’s punishment – death.

                             -His death paid for our sin so we could be forgiven.

-Our admission of sin and believe in His work on the cross is what

 brings us forgiveness for our sin and gains our peace with God.

-Receiving and believing isn’t something we intellectually attain to,

          although it’s not without ample evidence,

 it is accepted by faith.

-And that faith is life transforming.

                    -The fact that Jesus came to us shows us that God isn’t some distant God

 who doesn’t care about His children.

                   -He cares about our need – our brokenness – our pain.

                   -That’s why He came to us – God became man.


-Each of us has the opportunity to open the gift He has given by believing in Him

and becoming His child – His spiritual child.


The light of Jesus is shining brightly for you to see.

          -Jesus invites you to become His child through faith in Him.

          -That is simply and most profoundly the most amazing gift ever given.

-Don’t leave it under the tree.

                   -Receive His gift tonight.

We call our Christmas Eve Service a Candlelight Service.

          -The candles are more than just a pretty end to the service,

                   they are significant for a couple reasons.

          1.  The Light of Christ.

                   -As we receive the light of Christ and pass it on,

we are passing on more than just a candle light. 

-The light signifies the light of Christ come to reside in us through faith

 in Christ -The Holy Spirit indwelling us.

-Then, as we pass that light on to the next person, we are passing on

a symbol of the love of God given to us in Christ. 

-As you receive the light, consider the peace that you have with God because

 he came. 

-It’s that light of Christ that shines through you through faith in Him.

-It’s that light burning in you that others can see and be drawn to His light,

          which dispels the darkness of their own sin.

2.  The light of commitment.

-As we pass the light to the next person, we are also passing on our

          commitment as a part of the body of Christ.  

-This year our theme has been “celebrating the church of the living God”

          And tonight we celebrate being part of His living Body.

-There is nothing like being part of His Body.

-As you pass that light, we are passing on our promise to live in unity

with one another,

 love one another,

encourage one another,

admonish one another,

 and pray with and for one another. 

-That is a visible light to the world that the darkness will recognize as

the body of Christ.

-As we live out the life of Christ in the context of our own lives,

          the light of Christ will shine deeply into the darkness. 

                   -And will show the peace and joy of knowing God through faith in His Son

                             Immanuel - God with us.


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