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Monday, September 16, 2019
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 1/14/18 Why Can We Trust The Bible?

Last week we introduced our theme for the year – Truth!

          -Out of all the things God might use to sanctify us, truth is the main tool

that He uses for that work.

          -Sanctification is that process of being made holy

– setting us apart from sin and to God.

          -The process of that is not only putting off our sin and putting on righteousness,

 but for true change to occur, a changed heart is necessary.

-Temptation is always a twisting of the truth and the truth of God’s Word gives

us victory when we know it and apply it to the desires of our heart.

-Jesus claimed to be “the truth” because He matches the reality of

God’s perfect character.

          -And we are sanctified when we know Him as truth.

So, I pray that as a church, we have all begun to read through the NT.

-If you missed the last two weeks, please grab the reading plan in the info pillar.

          -As you spend a year reading the NT – you will be growing in wisdom

and the knowledge of God, who is truth!


Now, I thought we might take a couple weeks and dig into some apologetics on the Bible.

          -That might seem a bit boring, but we will run into folks who question the Bible

and why we would believe in such an ancient book.

          -People from both inside and outside the church will challenge you to defend it.

          -Which is what the word “apologetics” means – to make a defense.

                   -Which is why we don’t make an “apology” for our sin.

                   -Making an apology is making a defense for your actions.

          -You make an apology to defend your motives for hitting your brother by accident.

-But when sin is involved (like we hit them on purpose)

-We admit our sin and seek forgiveness  . . .  place ourselves upon the mercy of

the one we have offended.


Okay, back to the Bible.

          - I bet you have heard many of these and maybe wondered about them yourself.

                   -How can we trust a book that was written 2000 years ago?

                   -It’s just a collection of old stories that teach moral lessons.

-Noah and the ark, Samson, Cinderella, and Luke Skywalker.

                   -It can’t be true because it has hundreds of contradictions.

                   - It’s a personal choice - it can be true for you and not for me.


-The Bible is offensive to anybody who is educated – science has proved it

to be false.

                   -It’s just another religious book and they are all the same.

Today I want to get a foundation and then turn to God’s truth as to how to address it.

X  READ John 20:30

          -In this passage, we see the importance of the truth of God’s Word – it is life

and salvation for us.  

Let’s start by considering this question:

 X  How do we know if anything is true?

          -We talked last week:   truth is what matches reality.

X  Scientific study.

                   -Through a series of experiments scientific study will yield knowledge

of truth.

                             -Question, hypothesis, careful observation, refinement

 of hypothesis, deduction of test for hypothesis, testing and

 experimentation, confirmation or falsification of the hypothesis.

                             -Eventually, truth comes out of the process and good science

 discovers what God has created.
          X Reason
-Logic will yield truth.

-If “a” is larger than “b”, and “b” is larger than “c”,

then it will be true that “a” is also larger than “c”.

          X Intuition  

                    -Intuition comes from the Latin word 'intueri' which is usually translated

as 'to look inside' or 'to contemplate'.  “we just know!”

          X Emotions

                   -Some people determine truth by their feelings.

– If I feel it, it must be true.

X Biblical Revelation

                   X 1.  General Revelation:

                         X -Creation (Ps. 8:1, 3, 19:1-6, Rom 1:20)
                             X “The heavens declare the glory of God”  Ps. 19:1

                             God reveals his faithfulness in the sunrise, his creativity in a field of

of wild flowers - the whole earth reveals the glory of God.

    X  -Conscience (Rom. 1:19, John 1:9, 14:8) 

          X “ . . .what may be known about God is plain to them . . .”  Rom. 1:19

-Through General revelation, man can know that he is a created being and that he has broken the laws of his own conscience and of his Creator’s laws.


                             -But General Revelation leaves us with a problem we can’t solve and

 might not give us the fullness of God’s character.

                             -Jonah beef with God came because he only understood part

                                      or chose to focus on part of God’s character.

-He understood that God was just, but God was teaching

him that He was also compassionate.

-Jonah concluded that God was not fair because God gave

 mercy to Nineveh.

                   X 2.  Special Revelation:  (Ps 19, 119, Rom 4:20, 21, 10:17, 2 Tim 3:16-17,

2 Peter 1:3)

                             -Which is God’s Word (both living and written) and is the only way

 that we can come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

                             -And is the only objective view of God’s character for us

to know Him by.

          Now, when answering the ultimate questions of life, each system tries to answer.

                   -How did the world come into being?

                   -How did we come into being?
                   -Why are we here?

                   -How did we gain intelligence or wisdom?

                   -Is this it? Or Is there something beyond this life?

                   -Is this universe all there is or are there other universes or other realities.

                   -Is there only a physical world or is there a spiritual world that exists?

And if so how do they affect each other?

          -You and I assume that God’s Word is true and gives the best - most objective

 answers to these questions.

                   -The answers God gives us in His Word tend to match reality most closely. 

          -Science assumes that there is no God, and sets out to answer these questions

                   through the scientific method.

                   -But these ultimate questions cannot be tested or known by science.

                   -Science can’t answer the question of how the world came into being or what    

                             is our purpose, because you can’t put it in a test-tube

and re-enact the beginning.

                   -Science concludes that anything that can’t be tested does not exist.

                   -So, science puts itself in a really small box and can’t answer most of

these questions.

          -The truth of our own feeling or intuition is fine when we are answering          

the limited questions of:  What is the weather doing at your house today?

     How is your health?  or How do you like the weather at your house today?


                   -But answering the ultimate questions of life – your opinion is no truer

than mine is.

-Let’s be clear, if you start with the wrong set of assumptions,

you will end up with the wrong conclusions.

          -Yes, people are entitled to their own beliefs and our beliefs can be relative

to the individual, but truth is not.

-Truth must match reality and is unchanging.

-Things are true whether we believe them or not.

-The question is not what you believe, the real question is: What is true?


Now, since most people today don’t believe the Bible is true, you and I are challenged

 to answer the question: 

Why do you believe the Bible is true?

          -Sending them to the Pastor won’t cut it because they won’t call me.

          -God has placed you together with them to connect the reality of who He is

to their thinking.

          -You have to be able to answer that question if you are to have an influence.

Now, with all that as introduction, we will begin to answer that question of

why we believe God’s Word to be true.

          -With the time we have left today and all of next week, we will begin to give you

a foundation for answering this question and others that will come with it.

X External Evidence

          -We will start here because it gives us common ground with folks.

          X -Is 6:3 tells us “the whole earth declares the glory of God”

          -So we should have plenty of external evidence that God’s Word is true.

    X  Like no other
          X Authenticity

X -Ecc. 12:12 says “the making of many books there is no end”

          -If you ventured into your local college and had a discussion with a professor,

                    and you asked him or her if they were confident in the authenticity of the

                             writings of Homer’s Iliad or the writings of Plato?

                   -They would think you were crazy – of course we have those writings.

          -If you asked them if they were confident in the authenticity of the

OT and NT writings?  They would say, are you crazy – we don’t have

 the originals and the copies were doctored by people to keep

 the lower classes in check.  (presupposition)

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