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Monday, September 16, 2019
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 Honoring Mothers 2018
I Kings 2:19

How many of you think that 10 Commandments are important?

          -Can you name all 10?

          -Most of us take the easy way out and categorize them into the 1st 4 about loving God

 and the 2nd 6 that deal with loving others.

          -That worked for Jesus so that should be good enough.

          -When we consider the importance of the 10 Commandments we consider the order.

-The first 4 deal with our relationship with God.

          -Above all else, we are to love Him.

-Then, out of that relationship, we are to love one another.

-And the second six commandments deal with how we show our love for God

by loving one another.

          -Most of us remember that it’s wrong to murder or steal, but we often forget

#5, which is the first of the horizontal relationship commands.

“Honor your father and mother, so you may live long in the land the LORD

                             your God is giving you.”


Today we are going to be looking at honoring our mothers.

          -Honoring our parents is not important because Hallmark decided that we needed a

 holiday to celebrate mom, but because God is honored when we honor our mom. 

          -And as we will see today, it has to come from a heart of honor.          


Let’s turn to I Kings 2 this morning (pg 260) or it’s down below the notes on your

Youversion Bible

As you are turning there, let me give you some background.

          -King Solomon is the son of King David, who had just died and left the kingdom to him.

To set up the players in the story.
-King Solomon’s mother was Bathsheba.

-King Solomon had an older half brother named Adonijah who had a different mother.

-Adonijah was the older brother and the rightful heir to the throne.

Read I Kings 2:13-19

    Now, there is a lot going on below the surface of this account that is not part of our

 cultural context, but is important to our understanding the account.

-It would be normal for a new king to execute all his siblings to quench any

          threat to the throne.     

-But at the request of David, Solomon treated his siblings with grace.

-Adonijah thought he had a right to the throne, being the older and having the support

 of both the military leader and the chief priest to become king.

-His plea for the hand of Abishag, who was part of King David’s harem, was on par

with his making a power play for the throne.

-The harem of the king had rights of part of the inheritance of the deceased king.

-Taking possession of part of the kings harem was equivalent to the establishment

 of making a claim to the throne.

          -Adonijah knows that his younger brother, Solomon would recognize his evil plan if he

                   made the request himself, but maybe, if Bathsheba made the request,

it might fly under the radar.

          -Sort of like when I knew my dad would definitely say no to my request to go to the

mall, if I could convince mom that I wanted to go shopping and that shopping was a good thing for my mental well being, then dad might go along with her.

 -So, with that all happening behind the scene, we turn to see how Solomon

treats his mom as she enters the throne room.

  He honored her presence.

-When his mother entered the room Solomon addressed

her by sending her a text message as he rolled his eyes

and said “what is it now?”

-No, the text tells us that when his mother came into the

 room, he stood up to greet her.

-He was genuinely pleased to see her. Solomon recognized

the value of his mother’s influence
in his life.

          -He might not have liked the circumstances that he found himself in.

          -The high expectations of being the son of the King.

          -As we read the accounts of King David’s children, there was all kinds of difficulty.

                   -There was the difficulty of growing up with all kinds of

half brothers and sisters from the many wives of King David.

                   -Imagine living in a house with all the competing interests of many mothers!

-Just among the siblings, there was rape, murder,

and an attempt to overthrow dad from the throne. 

-And you thought your family was dysfunctional.

          -Somehow, in the midst of all the difficulty and infighting,

Solomon learned to follow the Lord and His commands.

-As I read through the Book of Proverbs, most of which was written by Solomon,

          I see the wisdom of God running through His heart.

-I think he must have grieved his mother a time or two.

              “A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother.”

-Do you think Solomon ran off at the mouth a few times in his childhood trying

to get out of whatever mischief he had caused.

“The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin”

-I think that Solomon learned, as I did, that his mom had eyes in the back

of her head.

 “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will

be found out.”

          -Through the family that God had placed him in, Solomon learned the importance

and influence of his mother over his life.

-Solomon understood the 5th commandment in-spite of his parents sin problem.

                                                          “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may

live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”                            

                                                          -Solomon’s greatest goal was to honor God.

-One way his did that over his lifetime was by honoring

his mother in his heart.

                                                          -He didn’t blame his parents for his dysfunctional

family and he didn’t use his upbringing
as an excuse for his own sin.

          -Solomon sowed seeds of honoring and obeying his parents whether

they deserved it or not.

          -And as he sowed those seeds, he harvested God’s blessing on his life.


      We see the opposite from Solomon’s half brother Adonijah.

 -He came to Bathsheba with selfish - evil intent in his heart.

          -He had no desire to honor his step mother, but to use her for his personal gain.

          -Even though he uses words that seem to honor God in verse 15.

“Solomon has come to the throne from the Lord”

-His actions betray his heart and we get a glimpse of the selfish sin that resides there.

-And God will bring his sovereignty to bear upon it.

          -All the years of planting selfishness, come to full rotten fruit as he is executed

for his treason.

          -He might have convinced himself that all this was unfair, but what is happening

physically in his life is just a picture of what has happened spiritually.

-His heart is corrupt in its selfishness and sooner or later, God always

deals with our desire to exalt ourselves.  


Let me pull the bus over for a moment.

          -Know that you are not alone in the midst of your dysfunctional family. 

-Every family is dysfunctional - we all come from 2 sinful parents.

                   -How can any home be anything but dysfunctional.

          -But Solomon doesn’t use it as an excuse to continue it, but strives to honor His God.

                 -I told my kids all the time.

                   “If you shoot to be like me, you will be doomed to failure.

                             Set your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

          -God could change the dysfunction in our homes, but He has allowed it

for a great purpose.

-He is using it to push us learn to trust in Him – our perfect heavenly Father.

-He wants to grow us as we look to Him in the midst of the difficulty,

so we might be more like His Son.

          -If you get angry at God for allowing it, or question His wisdom, you will

                   find yourself bitter and causing more dysfunction.


Humbled himself before her.

-Here is the King of Israel, not only standing when she enters

the room, but then bowing to one who is subject to his

-That is unheard of, even if she is his mom.

-King Solomon was called by God to be the King of His people. 

-Solomon was given wisdom like none before or after him.

-Often-times wisdom is turned to foolishness when it gets


-But Solomon used his great wisdom to maintain a humble


                                                -He lived out the admonition of Philippians 2:3

          “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,

but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

          -Solomon considered his mother better than himself. 

          -He stopped what he was doing and he bowed to his mother.

      We also see this attitude in Christ.

          -He wasn’t just the king of Israel, but as the King of the universe – the Creator.

-He placed himself on the cross to pay for the sin of the whole world.

          -With all that upon him, he attends to His mom from the cross.

      On the other side of the coin, Adonijah did not consider his step-mom above himself.

          -As a matter of fact, because of his desire to exalt himself, he put her at risk.

          -He was consumed with his selfish desires and could never be a good king.

-A good king or leader has to be willing to put himself at risk for the good of others,

          not place them at risk for his own good.

 Heightened her place before the kingdom.

The third thing that Solomon did was to heighten her in

the eyes of others.                  

-Solomon raised her stature in front of his kingdom.

-Did Solomon give his advisers a throne on his right hand?   NO -He placed his mother in the heightened place at his

right hand.

                                       -In essence he was saying

          “yo – what are you standing around for, get my mother a throne, put it up here,

this is my mother we’re talking about.”

“This is the woman who changed my diapers.”

                      “And took the time teach me right from wrong.”

                      “Get movin’ and get her a seat up here.”

-She had something to say, and he wanted to hear it.

-He didn’t try to listen to her over the song on his Ipod or her while watching

the game on the TV.

 -He put all distractions aside and gave her his full attention.

-Because she was important to him, he heightened his mother in front of the others.


Just the opposite of Adonijah who only wanted to heighten himself.

 -He lied and used Bathsheba for his personal gain, which only degraded her.


That place of elevation that Solomon gave to his mother is a lofty place in his kingdom.

          -But more importantly, he gave her a hightened place in his heart.

-Solomon knew well the sayings of the wise.

                    “May your father and mother be glad, may she who gave you birth rejoice!”

-I believe that Bathsheba was rejoicing on this day as her son heightened her

 in his heart and in his kingdom.

How to Honor God by Honoring Mom

                                                -Now, there are lots of things we could talk about here.

                                                -Buy her flowers, take her to lunch, do the dishes without

having to be asked.

-All be good things to do and would go a long way toward

developing a heart that honors mom.

                                                -The key in developing a heart of honor is not to allow it to

become your once a year duty, but something that

 becomes part of your routine.

          -The real key to honoring mom is to learn to honor God, and as we learn to honor God,

honoring mom flows out of that.
          -Many of us have or will care for elderly parents.

          -Just the physical distance that many of us have is a challenge to overcome.

-My dad was in Florida before he died and it was difficult to care for him.

-My mom is in SC, so I call or face time with her to try to connect and honor her.

          -I am so thankful for many of you who have or are in the process of caring for

your elderly parents well.

          -That humble care for your parents makes you like Jesus as Philippians 2:5 says

                   “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus………

who being in very nature God………took the nature of a servant.”

          -I guarantee that your faithfulness does not go un-noticed by friends and family,

                   and God is pleased with your heart attitude.

-What a great living example honoring your mom!


      I know that as I bring this message today, there are those saying PJ,

I can’t do this because my relationship with mom is broken.

          -That may be because she made you where the pants without the holes

in the knees this morning.

-Or maybe it was something 10 or 20 years ago that has festered.

-Or there is a perception that she didn’t support you or give you the security

you thought you needed.

-And that just created distance in your relationship.


     The truth is that even in a broken relationship, you can still honor your mother.

          -It may be that forgiveness has to happen and the Gospel needs to be applied.

          -I encourage you to seek out your part in it.

          -What sin was present in your heart when you rolled your eyes

when she made you change your pants.

                    -Or what part did you play in that event in your past.

          -I mean, what bricks did you lay in that wall.

          -You might respond, “yeh, but she did thus and such!”

          -Matt 7 commands us to

“deal with the log in our eye before I help you with the speck in yours”

          -So, first it’s time to look in your heart. 

-Once the Holy Spirit helps you to identify your sin, ask God to forgive you.

          -Then go to your mom and seek her forgiveness.

                   -And don’t talk in general terms like: “forgive me because of who I am.”

                   -Be specific about your sin and the pain it has caused.

                   -Mom, I need to seek your forgiveness for those unkind words I said to you

                             20 years ago that have caused a brokenness in our relationship.

                   -Can you forgive me?

          In so doing, you begin to honor your mom, humble yourself before her,

and heighten her place in your life.

               When you do, God promises that

“it will go well with you and you will enjoy long life on the earth.”


But the greatest reason we honor our mothers is to bring glory to our Lord.

          -Although we might wonder why we ended up with the mom we did,

God has great purpose in that relationship.

          -Through it, we have grown to see some of the character of God.

          -So, we can be thankful for God’s working in and through her.

          -Yes, there is sin there, just like there is with us and that reveals all of our

 need for Christ.

          -But we don’t honor her for what she does or doesn’t do,

we honor her because honoring her – honors God who gave her to us.

          -And as you honor mom, even if she doesn’t deserve it,

you grow a heart that honors God.

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