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As we look to the months and years ahead, we need to update our facilities – both the church building and parsonage. This opportunity before us will make our facility more efficient and usable for the ministry which God calls us and strengthens us to do.

We are grateful for your generosity in giving “to the Lord,”. If you’d like to give towards the Chapel Renewal Project specifically, please click HERE.

For the detailed blueprints of what the new space in the church building will look like, click HERE.

Below is a more in depth look at the changes coming and some of the reasons behind them.


We rejoice at the impact on hearts and minds through all of our ministries. In addition to our worship service, we have a full lineup of discipleship opportunities for various groups, including: Awana, Youth Ministry, Mom-to-Mom, Life Groups, and Biblical Counseling.

Our goal is to work within the current footprint of the building to make the best use of the available space now and with flexibility for possible future expansion. There are four primary projects that have been identified, which can be accomplished in phases as God provides. They are:

  • Sound/Tech Booth
    • This will enhance the space for the growing technological needs that we have on Sunday mornings, such as live streaming the service and other video content. We are looking at a February start on this phase.
  • New Restrooms
    • The new restrooms will be located in a central part of the building and will provide a much-needed update over the existing facilities.
  • Foyer
    • An open and expanded foyer space will provide an inviting entryway into the church, allow for more space to fellowship before and after service, and will allow for easy access to the resource center, restrooms and classroom spaces.
  • Classroom Space
    • This project will expand classroom space, which is vital for Chapel Kids, Awana and other small group gathering needs that take place in the building.

The estimated costs for all of these projects is $73,500, and to date there has been $24,000 designated for these needs, thanks to God’s generosity.


We are grateful to have the parsonage, which has been the home of Noah and Marlie and their growing family. Unfortunately, it has been some time – nearly a decade – since any significant updates have taken place.

There are two primary projects that have been identified as part of the Chapel Renewal Project, and they are:

  • Upstairs Bathroom
  • Essential maintenance needs and updates
    • Including: a new furnace, updating the water heater, and adding insulation in the basement.

The estimated costs for all of these necessary projects is $40,000. To date there is $39,200 designated, thanks to God’s generosity.

It should be noted that there are two additional projects that will need to happen in the coming years – a kitchen update and a master bathroom update.

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