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Fig Tree Faith (4.05)

Note for parents. Since today is a Sunday that we typically celebrate the Lord’s Supper, be prepared to lead communion in your home. You will need some bread and grape juice (grape is traditional, but anything will do as we remember the Lord’s blood being shed for the forgiveness of

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The Mission of God (3.29)

Prayer Call to worship – Psalm 34:1-9, 18 The Scripture teaches us to lament in times of difficulty Lam. 1:11, 16 Psalm 142:1-2 Matt. 23:37   The Scripture teaches us God is near and God is good Psalm 34:18 Lam. 3:23-27 Romans 8:26   Be Thou My Vision Living

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Sunday Sermon – 3.22.2020

Sunday Worship, March 22, 2020 Prayer Call to Worship – Read Psalm 19:7-11 Prayer of confession Worship through music (Song links or pick your favorite hymns and sing them from a hymnbook.  (sing 1 or 10) You can also hook up with Spotify and find the Community Bible Chapel song

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