“Biblical Counseling is simply applying the truth’s of God’s Word to life’s challenges.”

There are two different parts to The Potter’s Wheel Biblical Counseling Center:

What is it?

Biblical counseling is coming alongside a sinning or suffering brother or sister in Christ, with the intentional purpose of helping them apply the truth’s of God’s Word to the challenges of life.  We could also call it purposeful and intensive discipleship or personal ministry.

Why Counseling? Who needs it?

We all struggle with life’s challenges from time to time.  So we all need solid Biblical counsel in our lives.  Sometimes that is in the form of life dominating sin, other times it’s a marriage or parenting tune up, or we are struggling with some form of suffering that has hindered our growth in Christ. 

We provide Biblical counseling by qualified and certified counselors free of charge.

For additional information about counseling, click here

Biblical Counseling Training

We believe that God has called His Body to be the place of Spiritual healing in all area’s of life.  God is equipping His people through His church to be the church.

We offer Biblical Counseling Training to equip the Body for the work of ministry.  Since we all counsel people around us everyday, The Potter’s Wheel Biblical Counseling Training Center is committed to training us to be effective Biblical Counselors. For more information on the counseling conferences and other opportunities to receive training here at The Potter’s Wheel Counseling Center, click here. We run training conferences every other year in two 16 hour modules to train the local Body of Christ. 

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