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Note for parents.

Since today is a Sunday that we typically celebrate the Lord’s Supper, be prepared to lead communion in your home.

– You will need some bread and grape juice (grape is traditional, but anything will do as we remember the Lord’s blood being shed for the forgiveness of our sin)

– Great opportunity to talk to your kids about the Gospel and their need for God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

– The Roman Road might help you explain it.

– Read and discuss/consider these passages in Romans:  3:23-24;  5:6-8;  6:23;  10:9-11

– Invite them to place their trust in Jesus.


Opening Prayer

Scripture reading:  Psalm 23

Prayer of confession


Who You Say We Are

You Alone Can Rescue

You Are My King



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Message for Today – Knowing A Generous God – Eph 1:14-23


The Old Rugged Cross


Scripture reading:  I Cor. 11:27-28

– Time for personal prayer – confession of sin and thanksgiving for Jesus’ death for the forgiveness of our sin and his resurrection as a seal that His sacrifice was sufficient for us.

Scripture reading  I Cor. 11:24

Eat the broken bread

Scripture reading  I Cor. 11:25-26

Drink the cup

At the Cross – Hillsong



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